Adrien Broner DUI Video Is Classic: Tells Cop He’s Made $100 Million [Video]


Adrien Broner’s DUI arrest is of course classic, but also highlights how many good cops there are out there. Not all cops are jerks.

Via: TMZ

TMZ Sports has obtained footage from Adrien Broner‘s DUI arrest in Ohio back in January — in which the boxer insists he’s NOT drunk … but brags about making more than $100 MILLION in his career!!

The footage shows Broner being pulled over around 1:30 AM in his white Mercedes on January 11th — after the cop sees the boxing champ driving in two lanes.

At first, things seem bad for Broner — the officer is pissed and Broner can be heard slurring his words.


But things take a turn — Broner professes his innocence … and actually charms the cop, who eventually tells him she just wants the best for him.

During the arrest, Broner talks … A LOT … and says some interesting stuff. Among the highlights:

“Ya’ll don’t know who you arrested. If ya’ll did, I’d be on the news right now.”
— The cop compliments Broner’s physique.
— Broner tells the cop, “I love you.”
— Cop asks Broner where he fights. Broner responds, “The world.”


But the best part … when Broner tells the cop he’s “blessed” — ’cause he’s made more than $100 million in his career.

Broner later pled not guilty and still plans on fighting the charges.