Adrian Peterson Story Gets Worse: News Allegedly Drops From the Murdered Boy’s REAL Father


The drama surrounding the death of Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson’ 2 year old son is just heartbreaking.


Adrian Peterson had a physical relationship with a woman named ASHLEY from South Dakota a little more than two years ago. The two were friends, and casually dated, but were not in any type of serious relationship.

Later on, Adrian and Ashley BROKE UP . . . and Ashley turned up pregnant with her son Ty. Ashley was not certain of Ty’s paternity at first, but as he got older, she became more and more convinced that he was Adrian’s son. Earlier this summer, Ashley reached out to Adrian, told him about it, and asked him to take a paternity test – NO LAWYERS WERE INVOLVED . . . they did everything on the strength of DECENCY.

It turned out that Adrian WAS Ty’s father, and Adrian was EXTREMELY HAPPY about the situation. He agreed to FINANCIALLY provide for his son, and also wanted to play a part in raising the little Angel. Unfortunately that did NOT HAPPEN.


Adrian had a number of SKYPE and TELEPHONE conversations with the young man, but because of TRAINING CAMP and FOOTBALL OBLIGATIONS, he was not able to make the trip to South Dakota to see his son yet. The two were scheduled to meet THIS MONTH however for the first time at one of Adrian’s games later this month. That did not happen. Adrian first got to meet and hold his son, as he lay dying in the hospital.

You see Ashley was dating a man named Joseph Robert Patterson, and according to police – he is the WORST ANIMAL ON THE PLANET. Ashley and Joseph were dating, and Ashley made the MISTAKE of leaving her son Ty over at her boyfriend’s house ALONE – while she went out. Police say that Joseph BEAT TY IN THE HEAD with a steel rod, crushing his skull and piercing his little brain.

And this isn’t Joseph’s FIRST abuse allegation. His ex-girlfriend requested a protection order saying that he had spanked her little boy so hard that she had to ice the welts on his buttocks.

Joseph was arrested in the case of TYs DEATH, and is expected to be charged in the coming days with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant, in addition to murder.

If he is guilty of killing Ty, he needs to be given the DEATH PENALTY. We have the DEATH PENALTY in our country to deal with ANIMALS that commit these types of crimes . . . it’s time USE IT!!


Hoever, it seems like everyone in America is wishing THE BEST to NFL star Adrian Peterson for the death of his BIOLOGICAL SON. But the boy already had a REAL FATHER IN HIS LIFE, who loved him – and cared for him.

A man claiming to be little Ty’s father has taken to Facebook to set the record straight . . . see below . . .




 Wow this story is truly tragic. Prayers go out to everyone involved….well not Joey Patterson. He’s too cute to be so violent.

Source: MTO