Adam Silver to Investigate Domestic Violence Within NBA

Adam Silver
Adam Silver

The new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver don’t play that domestic violence stuff. Since the NFL has been under major scrutiny over the recent domestic behavior of its players, Silver is letting it be known that his NBA players will NOT be linked to any domestic violence issues.

Via CBSSports

Adam Silver spoke with reporters at a charity event in Brooklyn to open a refurbished court damaged in Hurricane Sandy Monday, and discussed the recent events of controversy in sports, including saying the NBA would look to examine its domestic violence policy in light of the Ray Rice controversy that has plagued the NFL.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has come under fire for the league’s investigation and response to Rice’s recorded assault of his then-fiancee. The firestorm over the incident put Goodell under scrutiny from media and social critics., and the Adrian Peterson alleged child abuse scandal has further rocked the league.


Silver made it clear that the events have prompted a review of policies at the NBA’s offices.

Meanwhile, Silver said in light of the NBA’s own most recent controversy involving the leaked scouting report read by Hawks GM Danny Ferry that resulted in his leave of absence, and an internal investigation by the team that lead to owner Bruce Levensen pledging to sell the team, that the NBA isn’t looking to go digging through the owners’ “closets.”