Actor Michael Jai White Calls Out Black People For Infidelity & Ignorance [Bill Cosby, MLK, Jesse Jackson]


‘Black Dynamite’ Actor Michael Jai White recently took to his Facebook page to express how fed up he is with the issue of infidelity in the Black community.

White called out prominent Black male figures for their adultery accounts, and pointed a finger at the Black community for focusing more on how to pull the race card instead of how to support more Black businesses.

White even mentioned how guilty he believes Bill Cosby is despite the racial conspiracy theories surrounding his sexual assault case.

Read the lengthy FB rant below.

michael-jai-white michael-fb

Hmmmm. What do you think?

Do you agree with Michael Jai White and his thoughts on the Bill Cosby scandal and the issue of ignorance and infidelity in the Black community? #MakeAStatement