Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 2 to be Released on November 1st


Little was known when Action Bronson’s sequel to his mixtape Blue Chips was set to come out but now that has changed. Action Bronson took to Twitter last night to announce that the mixtape will be dropping on November 1st and better yet it will be free. Now you are speaking my language.


We currently have the tracklist but still don’t know who the mysterious guest feature is on track 16 but it should be a goodie if has been kept from us!


01. Silverado
02. Introduction (feat. Big Body Bes)
03. Pepe Lopez
04. The Don’s Cheek
05. It Concerns Me
06. Practice
07. Travolta & Jackson (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
08. Through The Eyes Of A G (feat. Ab-Soul)
09. Contemporary Man
10. Twin Peugeots (feat. Big Body Bes & Mac Miller)
11. Man In The Mirror
12. Midgets Cough
13. It’s Me
14. Flip Ya (feat. Retchy P)
15. 9.24.13 (feat. Big Body Bes)
16. Rolling Thunder (feat. TBA)
17. Amadu Diablo
18. In The City (feat. Jeff Woods)
19. I Adore You