Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Says Suicide Could Be Prison Murder Cover Up


Conspiracy theories are rolling in following the suicide of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez.

The star athlete turned prison convict is said to have committed suicide by hanging himself inside his cell early Wednesday morning.

However, according to TMZ, Hernandez’ attorney Jose Baez, who recently got a not guilty verdict for Aaron last week in the double murder case, has launched an investigation on behalf of the Hernandez family since they are not buying the suicide story.


Baez believes Hernandez death could be a murder coverup either by inmates or the prison staff. Baez says Aaron’s family is “devastated” over his death and does not believe he was in a frame of mind to take his own life.

Baez had reported just last week that Aaron was in a good place and optimistic about the separate murder conviction being overturned.