A Walk Through A Thrifter’s Closet


Before working for one of the largest thrift store chains in America, Buffalo Exchange, I was a light thrifter. After working for the company for almost a year I’ve become a thrifting addict!

The idea of buying unique pieces that are super gently used is mind blowing. Not only are the items I buy unique, meaning no one will have them, but the prices for quality stuff are so affordable it makes it okay to have a shopping problem.


Here are this weeks gems from a thrifters closet:

1. DKNY Jacket

All black, with leather sleeves and faux fur. This sleek jacket is amazing not only for its details and chic expensive look, but it also follows today’s trends. Who said all thrift clothes had to look vintage!

2. Authentic Harley Davison Jumpsuit

To a true collector this piece is like finding a needle in a haystack! When it comes to real vintage from the 80s you can tell it’s authenticity from the date it was made somewhere in the clothing. This particular jumpsuit was manufactured in 1983 and not only is it real leather but it is in perfect shape. How many retail stores are producing similar looks like this now? How many celebrities do you see rockin this look currently?


So remember everyone, stay open minded and patient when it comes to thrifting, and the rewards will be well worth it!

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