A-Audio Announces Legacy + Lyric Headphone Series #CEWeek


A-Audio has announced the release of their flagship Legacy series as well as their Lyric headphone series. Now that the Legacy series has been introduced, consumers no longer have to worry about searching for a pair of headphones that have both great style and performance. This flagship series boasts 40mm mylar drivers activated by a neodymium magnet, (ANCactive noise canceling  technology, and three stage technology that allows you to personalize your music with the touch of a button. Unlike their competing products, they also come with standard 3.5-mm connectors on their four foot detachable cords and a 6.3-mm adapter that allows you to plug into a home stereo or theater system.

Legacy - A01


The Lyric series are compact like ear-buds but they are a over ear design that provides the same excellent sound isolation found in stereo headphones. These also boast 40mm neodymium magnet drivers and have a sophisticated design. Just want consumers want – compact, stylish, and powerful. The Lyric series provides just that.

“Consumers have long faced the dilemma of which type of music-listening device to choose: the earbuds that let them lead a very active lifestyle but which leave something to be desired when it comes to full frequency response, or larger headphones that offer full-range music reproduction but that can put a bit of brake on how you run around town,” explained Christian Iacovelli, President of the Miami, Florida based A-Audio Headphones, Inc.  “This decision is no longer a problem, thanks to the introduction of our new Lyric headphones that are built to the exacting design and performance standards of our unique EliteHD® protocol.”



I actually got a chance to stop by A-Audio’s booth during CE Week to test out the Legacy and Lyric series headphones and they were indeed quite impressive. The Legacy series were great for songs deep in bass. I tried out a few songs with heavy bass drops and the sound was flawless. The Lyric series sounded great with bass heavy tracks as well but they were especially great for acoustics. Both sets were light, stylish and had stellar performance. Stay tuned as we may be able to provide an in depth review of these new lines from A-Audio.

In the meantime – the legacy series is  available now at A-Audio.com. The Legacy series will run you $299 and the Lyric series (available late July) will run you $199.