90s Back Already? Construction Timbaland Boots: The Classic Urban Fashion Trend


I’m always watching the hipsters in Brooklyn style, and a surprising trend is rising amongst them. Construction Timberland boots! I remember when I was in Junior High and Highschool everybody and they mama had a fresh pair of construction boots and now the classic boot is back.

Construction Timbaland boots (or “constructs” as called in the hood) are a classic footwear that most likely will NEVER go out of style.


This doesn’t come with much of a surprise with grudge coming back in style. Girls every where are sporting Timbs with over sized flannels and cut offs. Even retail stores like Urban Outfitters are bringing back this look for ladies and men.


Personally I never got into this trend myself, but I do see a lot of girls pulling the look off. Rihanna is seen wearing the classic construction Timbs in many of her looks, so whether anyone agrees on it or not, it will be big. What’s next if this 2000s look is back? Baggy jeans?

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