8 Money Mantras to Help You Have A Better Relationship With Money


I found this amazing article on MindBodyGreen that I feel every MaseTV follower should read. We’re young, working towards our dreams/goals, and learning and growing in the process. Many of us share the same issues when it comes to money……we don’t have enough, or so we think.

Understanding the power of your words and thoughts can drastically transform your life for the better. Mantras are positive words and phrases that you speak into existence over yourself in order to bring nothing but positive back to you. You get back what you put out into the universe, why not make it worthwhile in all areas of your life?


Via: MindBodyGreen

Let’s face it: sometimes our relationship with money is a less-than-glamorous one. Money is the thing that stresses us out the most. And in a creeping economy it is easy to cross over into a scarcity mentality.

The scarcity mentality makes you feel like there isn’t enough to go around, so you become obsessed with holding on to your money, causing any purchase you make to create some serious stress wrinkles. Now, I have to admit I understand. I have moments where it seems like all the money is going out but none is coming in. It’s tricky thing.

We have to have money to live, and there’s always going to be someone who has “more.” That difference in income can cause jealousy and the “why isn’t that me” complex. In the end, if we let ourselves stress out over every purchase, we’re left feeling ragged and our relationship with money will really suffer.

So how do we begin to shift from scarcity to abundance?


It’s not about making more; it’s about appreciating what you have. Shifting our relationship with money from contentious to loving will help reduce the stress we feel, and allow the abundance to come into our lives. Maybe the abundance of more money, but more importantly the abundance of gratitude …

Mantras (phrases of intention) are a great way to begin to shift the mind and heart. Here are some I’m working with and am offering to you …

When spending:

  • I release this money into the world, knowing that it will come back to me.
  • There is more where this came from.
  • I am supporting my community with this money, and I am also supported by it.
  • I let this go and trust that I have all I need.

When receiving:

Money Woman
  • I am thankful for this money, and I am grateful that it does not define me.
  • I am grateful for all that I have and for this gift that will provide for me.
  • I receive this as a gift, and appreciate all it’s value.
  • I trust that I am provided with what I need.

Shifting our mental and emotional relationship with money takes time and patience.

Be kind to yourself and kind to what you receive and what you must release. Allow yourself the gift of creating a positive money relationship and feel the anxiety melt and the gratitude magnify!


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