7 Reasons You Should Take Your Weave Out Sometimes


The average woman loves nice and healthy hair with volume and bounce. Many of us women today use hair extensions to help add volume and bounce to our hair.

In today’s day and age, women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds wear weave. Long gone are the days when wearing hair extensions was seen as “only a Black women thing”. Today, almost every female celebrity from Kim Kardashian to Britney Spears and Madonna, can be seen rocking hair add ons.


However, when is it time to give your hair a little breather and take out the extensions? Do you even still feel like yourself without your extensions?

Women have a variety of reasons as to why they wear hair add ons, but we’re going to give you a few reasons as to why you should also have periods without a weave.

Let Your Hair Breathe


Every cell in our body thrives off of oxygen, and the same goes for your hair. Your hair follicles need to take in a good amount of oxygen in order to stay healthy and alive.  It is hard for hair to get the right amount of oxygen it needs to stay healthy when its always buried under hair extensions. Taking short periodic breaks from your weave will allow your scalp to get the oxygen your hair follicles need to keep your natural hair healthy.

Promotes Growth and Volume


As mentioned above getting oxygen to your scalp helps keep your hair follicles healthy and alive. When your hair follicles are healthy, your hair grows and thickens. If you deeply desire to have long hair with volume on your own, without the assistance of a weave, then take periods to allow your scalp to breath and promote your natural hair growth.

Play With Your Look


Hair pieces allow you to play with your look in a multitude of ways, and so does wearing your real hair. If you’re a woman who loves to sport new hairstyles and play around with your beauty, then look for some cute hairstyles you can wear with just your natural hair, and no add ons needed. It will show your hair versatility, and leave you flawless no matter the occasion.

Build Confidence


Many women who wear hair extensions find that they don’t feel pretty without them. Women become so comfortable with wearing a weave, that when without one they feel less attractive. At the end of the day you have to be able to look in the mirror and love the real you without the hair and makeup. By taking some time to wear your natural hair with no weave, you reconnect with your true self, and wipe away any insecurity of feeling less attractive without a weave.

Let’s Men See The “Real You”


Most men just love seeing a beautiful woman. But there are also many men who love seeing a naturally beautiful woman who doesn’t wear so many “add ons” (hair extensions, makeup, etc). Despite what mainstream media shows us on our television screens, there are many men who prefer their women wear their natural hair. By taking periods to wear your hair natural, you allow for the world to see you for exactly who you are. Why not let the world admire in your natural beauty?

Inspires Other Women


Women love getting inspiration from other women on how to style and dress their appearance….especially their hair. If you’re a woman who often wears a weave, and your female friends see you confidently sporting your natural look, more times than not you will inspire your other weave wearers to do the same. Why not help inspire your gal pal to go natural for a little while with you?

Shows The World That “I Am Not My Hair”


India Arie said it best, “I Am Not My Hair”. At the end of the day, hair is just a mere accessory. You can style it and wear it as you please, and still be beautiful. Some women wear it short and look fabulous (Rihanna), some women wear it long and look glamorous (Beyonce), and some women chop it all off and still look flawless (Amber Rose). So no matter what style you choose to wear your hair, just make sure that you feel confident and beautiful.