7 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Money And Violence” @NYCloud9TV


“Money and Violence” is the hottest new web series on the internet. The web series provides a very realistic peek into the streets of Brooklyn.

Since its debut last August, the fictional web series has garnered a cult-like following by growing to over 5 million YouTube views in the past month alone. New York City’s iconic Hip-Hop station Hot 97 labeled the show as, “The hottest shit in the hood right now.”


For many fans, what draws them is how the show is not a Hollywood version of their lives. The series is not the “experience of the inner city” as told by a white writer. On the contrary, Money and Violence is the voice of a community that has too often had their humanity overlooked on the small screen.

The creator of the hit series, Moise Vernau explained his theme of the show in an interview with Hot 97,

“If I was to do a story about the urban jungle, I cannot do a story where everybody is working a nine to five because that’s not what goes on. I believe you can tell a story but what it is, is what perspective that story is told from. I can give you a story about drugs but rather than show you the joys and the pain—make it a lesson.”

Below are 7 main reasons why we feel you should be watching his popular new series.

Real Perspective on Black Street Life


With the rising popularity of Black crime drama television, “Money and Violence” provides a raw and unfiltered depiction of urban street life. Everything from the low-budget shooting, to the scenery, camera angles, and terminology represents a more real perspective on Black street life. This hasn’t been seen since the hit show “The Wire”.

 Realistic Characters

“Money and Violence” follows the lives of four main characters, Rave, Shane, Miz, and Kane. All characters are faced with real life changing decisions.


Rave is a seasoned robber, who has been in the streets for as long as he can remember. He’s both book and street smart, and offers a lot of guidance and advice to those within the neighborhood.


Shane is a young robber who works under both Rave and Miz, while trying to do his own jobs on the side. Shane is down to do whatever to get the dollar. You watch him as he matures from a young and inexperienced robber, to a more seasoned criminal who becomes more comfortable with his gun slinging technique.


Miz is the hardcore gangster of the show. Miz is not afraid to go to jail, or die.


Kane is the nice guy of the show. The softy who gets picked on by everyone in the neighborhood, except those who take a liking to him, like Rave and Shane. Kane is desperately trying to get a job to afford to see his daughter who he is not able to see do to a baby mama drama. Kane represents all the fathers out there who have fallen victim to the hands of a bitter and money hungry baby mother who’s more interested in getting her weave bundles, then having a real father figure in her child’s life. We get to see Kane begin to involve himself in criminal activity as a way to make ends meet in seeing his daughter.

There are also a great deal of characters who play minor roles within the show, but still make for a very strong realistic story.

Makes You Understand the “Dog Eat Dog” World We Live In


“Money and Violence” is centered around just that! The show depicts the harsh reality of underground crime within the urban ghettos of America. No one is safe in “Money and Violence”, which makes for a very suspenseful web series. You become filled with suspense as you watch the characters walk the dangerous Brooklyn streets while knowing that any of them could get killed at any moment. Whats even more though provoking is how you’re able to see how crime within the hood really takes place…..and to think that the even bigger criminals on Wall Street are getting away with doing the same things but in a more professional manner. “Money and Violence” really helps you understand the dog eat dog world we live in.

Inspires You to Get A Real Job


Many naysayers can say that “Money and Violence” is a poor depiction of Black people, but one thing is for sure……it motivates anyone with common sense who watches it to go out and get a real job. We see some of the characters commit robberies and risk their lives and freedom for a measly $208. If that doesn’t motivate you to go get a real 9-5, then we don’t know what will.

Brooklyn’s Finest


Money and Violence is straight Brooklyn from beginning to end. The show is primarily shot in the popular borough, while also having scenes within other boroughs in NYC . If you love Brooklyn, then you’ll love watching Money and Violence.

 Something New for Crime Reality TV


Crime dramas are all the rave in mainstream tv. “Scandal”, “HTGAWM”, “Empire”, “Power”, and the list goes on of hit crime dramas that bring in a large amount of ratings for major tv networks. Money and Violence is filled with the same amount of violent backstabbing drama that keeps the mainstream crime shows relevant. More so, Money and Violence has a more direct perspective on real life in the urban ghetto than anything on tv right now. What M&V offers can’t be seen on anywhere else, and you can enjoy it right from your smart phone.

Money And Violence In Under 20 Minutes

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The show is filled with back to back action and juicy details that add to the story. You’re instantly pulled into each episode that last no longer than 20 minutes. No commercials, no long drawn out conversations. Just straight money and violence in under 20 minutes.