7 Actions That Will Help You Get Ahead in Your Career


Originally posted on MaseTV Nov 2013

Many can tell when you’re approaching them with your signature networking play. However, a better way of building your network and strengthening your career is to make meaningful connections that last over time and will pay off more in the long run.

Use these tips to accomplish just that:

1) Reach Out When Someone is Down


If a coworker is laid off, going through a rough time, or even starts a new job, be sure to get in touch with them right away and continue to check in every few months. They will remember your kindness and this will really help you in the long run by having good karma.

2) Stay in Touch With Former Colleagues

You can do this even easier now with social media. Drop a “hope all is well”, or a “like” every so often. This seems more natural and less pushy.

3) Say “Thank You” Often


People love getting compliments, so even when triumphing in your achievements be sure to thank someone else who may have helped get you there in some type of way. A genuine “thank you” make a powerful impression.

4) Help Your Coworkers and Contacts

Whenever you can do a non-work related favor for someone, like giving advice to colleague, bringing them coffee, or offering if they’d like anything when you go out to grab a snack.

5) Have Coffee With a Competitor

Stay updated on your industry and field, and keep your competitors close as they can keep you abreast on any news or changes. Plus your competitor might be able to connect you to future opportunities.

6) Talk to Strangers


You never know who someone is, who they know, and how they can possibly benefit you unless you talk to them. So don’t be shy….just say “Hi”.

7) Be Blunt

If you’re contacting someone for some career or job help, don’t dance around what you want out of the conversation. Be honest and get to the point without being too blunt. Of course have small talk of “how are you doing”, but eventually get to the premise of your call. Everyone’s time is precious so don’t waste it.

Source: Cosmopolitan December 2013