Justin Bieber Deletes Instagram After Selena Gomez Calls Him Out Over 17-Year-Old New Girlfriend [Pics]


Justin Bieber has had enough of internet trolls and his ex-girlfriends who are hating on his new found love with 17-year-old Sofia Richie.

Biebs deleted his Instagram account after fans began bashing his new relationship so hard that he had to threaten shutting down his page.


However, Justin’s cries for support on his new bae got his ex Selena Gomez in her feelings and she joined in on the social media bashing of the Biebs along with his other ex Hailey Baldwin.

selena-gomez hailey

Before deleting his account, Justin unfollowed both Hailey and Selena Gomez on IG.

But Biebs girlfriend Sofia is still going IG strong after just deactivating her comments.

justin-sofia2 justin-sofia

Let Biebs live. We’re sure he’ll have a new girlfriend within the next few months anyway…..