Gay Rights Activist Pens Open Letter In Response to Boosie Comments on Gays in TV


Louisiana rapper Boosie BadAzz managed to go viral last week over a recent interview he conducted where he expressed his belief that homosexuality in television is “forcing kids to become gay”.

It didn’t take too long before one gay rights activist issued a pretty spot on response to Boosie’s controversial remarks.


Via: VladTV

Boosie BadAzz instantaneously became one of the most controversial figures in the world on Thursday when an interview with VladTV, in which the Baton Rouge native accuses television of glorifying homosexuality, went viral.

One reader who came across Boosie’s words was Jerome Trammel, a gay and human rights activist/educator from Milwaukee, who would take to Twitter with an open letter in dissent of the rapper.


In the tweet Trammel runs down a list of assertions made by Boosie, countering each as he states them point by point. Contrary to what was posed by the 33-year-old artist, Trammel rejects the idea that anyone can be forced to be gay, asks whether televising gay affection is anymore explicit than the prevailing heterosexual affection that saturates the media, and supposes that gay people ought to be represented on television as they indeed exist in the world. Trammel doesn’t hold back from adding a bit of shade to his reproach either, invoking Boosie’s personal life in an attempt to underscore what he sees as levels of hypocrisy.

“TV also shows a lot of violence & crime, is that the reason your criminal record is so lengthy?” Trammel asks. “For a person to dislike gays so much, you sure stay in and out of prison a lot!”


Boosie’s remarks were centered on a theory that the rise in outspoken LGBT artists and professionals has to do with an economic agenda. He claims to notice an increase in the exposure of gay lifestyles across television mediums, from reality television to cartoons, and implies that it is being propagated to create new avenues of profit.

Emphasizing the notion that gay content is being forced upon children, he projects that in 10 years up to half of the population will identify as gay. “They’re trying to make all everybody f***ing gay. That’s what I think. They’re putting it on our culture, they’re putting it everywhere, gay stuff is everywhere. And I think they’re just trying to do it to make a monetary gain, you know, they’re not doing it for the gays,” he said.

Cmmmmmm. Wonder how Boosie will respond to this.

We at least hope that he reads it.