6 Things We Learned From The Bad Girls Club “Juice-tify My Love”


Last night’s episode of the Bad Girls Club 11 Miami showed us a whole new side to our girl Tianna, revealed how much of a petty chick Janelle, and how dope Gigi is.

Here are 6 highlights from the show that taught us a little bit more about these “bad girls”:

1. Tiana……Ewwwwww

Coming on to Gigi the way you did was NOT cool, or sexy. Tianna put Gigi in an awkward situation by coming on to her so strong, and then getting mad when she got turned down. You can’t just expect every female to get down the way you get down, and treat them differently if they don’t. Get your life Tiana!!!

2. Gigi is Real Chick, and Super Cool

Gigi handled the situation with Tianna very well, and expressed how much she did want to be friends with her. Most females would of straight shaded Tianna after an awkward encounter like they had, but Gigi continued to embrace. Gigi is a real chick for that.

3. The House was Better with Milyn and Sarah in it




This week’s episode was so turned DOWN compared to the madness that was occurring while Mimi and Sarah were in the house…..we miss them!

4. Tiana Really Dumped a Nice Guy on National Television

Tiana hit her boyfriend Ronnie with some devastating news when he dropped the L-Bomb, by admitting to him that she’s not in love and needs time to find herself. Poor dude….he’s probably never going to be able to heal from this…..it’ll always be on Oxygen to remind him.

5. Janelle is Super Petty

Janelle got pissed off at her house-mates after the drank her juice while taking shots. Janelle upset the bad girls so bad that they crowned her the new Sarah and began to harass her, in hopes of getting her to leave the house. Though every single girl in the house jumped in her face, Janelle refused to fight back or go home…….booooo!!!

6. Theresa is Super Fake


After Theresa showered Janelle with love and admiration of how much she likes her, and gets along with her, she totally switched on her once Tiana and the girls ganged up on her. Theresa even resorted to hopping all in Janelle’s face and threatened her. We know Janelle is a bitch, but damn Theresa…..seriously?! How much of a hypocrite can you be?

I can’t deny how juicey this season of BGC is. Be sure to check it out every Tuesday at 8pm on Oxygen.


Watch highlights from the show HERE