50 Cent Tries To Plead How Broke He Is At Court Appearance

50 cent court
50 cent court

Hip hop millionaire mogul 50 Cent is adamant at proving to judges he is broke as a joke and can’t afford to pay Rick Ross’ baby mother the money he owes her for releasing a secret sex tape of her online.

From the many money-filled pictures that Fif is constantly posting on social media, it might be hard for him to win this one.


Via: TMZ

50 Cent just took a shot at Forbes — the mag says he’s worth $155 million, but Fiddy says it’s really just a measly $4.375 million.
50 was in court Tuesday to give testimony about his finances during a hearing to determine how much he’ll have to pay in punitive damages to Rick Ross’ baby mama. So, It clearly suits him to downplay his riches, and 50 claimed to be clueless about some of his fortune.

The rap mogul says he made about $100k for his recent appearance in “Southpaw,” but didn’t know much about his deals with Disney and Reebok — and even admitted he’s never actually been inside a Reebok store.
50 said he exaggerates some of his lifestyle because that’s what hip-hop is all about … saying he only owns a few chains and just 3 cars. As for that recent strip club trip where he was throwing around cash? He claimed it was just a thing “on his itinerary.”

Hmmm we’re not sure about this one. Let’s continue to see how all this plays out.