50 Cent Gets Shut Down by Floyd Mayweather After Claiming Ray J Had Affairs With His Ex Princess

Via: Bossip

Despite 50 Cent and his former bromance buddy Floyd Mayweather reportedly squashing their “beef” earlier this summer, one person who doesn’t seem to be off limits from 50′s slander is Floyd’s rumored sidechick who goes by the name of “Princess.”

Mr. G-Unit put Ray J and “Princess” on Instagram blast, suggesting that she was bustin’ it open for Floyd and Ray J at the same time…

50Cent1 50Cent2 MTIn4


LMAO!!! 50 is a clown. However, Floyd had this to say about 50 claiming that “Princess” smashed the homie:


BOOM!!! Check mate for Floyd. 50 you lost this one.

Source: Bossip