50 Cent Explains Abusive Texts to His Son and Rewrites Will to Leave His Son Out

We told you yesterday about the verbally abusive texts rapper 50 Cent sent out to his 16 year old son Marquis. Well the “Wanksta” rapper decided to explain the situation on Twitter.

Fif alleges that Marquis’ mother is behind the whole thing, and she sold the story to the media because he’s “winning.”

“That was his mother texting me as him. she sold that to a web site.she hate me for Winning, it’s hard to replace me”

He also revealed that he rewrote his entire will, and all of his money will now go to Tiffany Lighty, daughter of music exec Chris Lighty, who passed away earlier this year.

“I rewrote my will today now when I pass away all my physical property’s and MOST of my money go’s to charities and TIFFANY LIGHTY so when I’m done she can be 50cent #SMSAUDIO.”

SMH Wow Fif….regardless how grimey your child’s mother is, Marquise is still your son.

Here’s how we remember them:

Source: missinfo.tv