50 Cent Denies Domestic Abuse Charges

Rapper 50 Cent is denying recent reports that he kicked his child’s mother during an explosive argument last month. We told you yesterday that 50 Cent was recently hit with 5 charges in total from a domestic violence dispute with his former mate.

50 Cent’s attorney released a statement, saying, “Curtis Jackson [50 Cent] denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest.”

50 was charged with domestic violence from a June 23 incident that allegedly happened at his child’s mother Toluca Lake home, during which he allegedly kicked her and destroyed a bunch of her property (more than $7,000 worth).

50’s attorney adds, “We have been in contact with the LA City Attorney’s Office and are currently conducting our own investigation into these allegations.”

50 was hit with 5 charges in total stemming from the incident — including 1 count misdemeanor domestic violence and 4 counts of misdemeanor vandalism. Cops responded to the scene following the incident, but 50 had already left.

If convicted on all counts, 50 could face up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines. He is due in court to be arraigned on July 22.

Source: TMZ