5 Ways You Know It’s Time To Follow Your Dreams


“Dreams express what you’re soul is telling you, so as crazy as your dream might seem–even to you–I don’t care: You have to let that out”

~Eleni Gabre-Madhin~

There are a variety of reasons why it’s important to follow your dreams, but none of them matter if you’re not feeling motivated enough to go for it.

When choosing to fulfill your deepest passions and desires you’re met with a ton of risks and challenges. Often times these risks intimidate people, and make them stop working to follow their dreams. If you’re too afraid of taking risks, and don’t feel moved to step outside of your comfort zone, then following your dreams may not really be an option for you at the moment.


So how do you know when you’re ready to follow your dreams? Read these 5 ways below, and begin planning your next steps to fulfilling your passion.

1. You Daydream Constantly About Where you Want to be in Life


If you find yourself at work constantly drifting off into thoughts of your future successes, then it may be time to start bringing those ideas to life. Instead of daydreaming at work, begin to map out a feasible short-term (6 months), and long-term (1-5 years) plan that you can slowly begin to take action on right now. Use whatever resources you have at work that can assist you with your business planning. Once you see yourself taking action towards your dreams, you will begin to grow the confidence you need to go on.

2. You Find Yourself Comparing Yourself to Others


Comparing yourself to others doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re jealous of them, but it could mean that there is some underlying insecurities there that are making you feel inferior to others who you feel “have made it”. First, stop comparing yourself to others because everyone’s journey is meant to be unique so take pride in your process. Second, try working on building up your network of connections by being more social online, and attending more events within your field of interest. If you’re often times comparing yourself to others, then it is time for you to take those necessary steps towards obtaining your dreams.

3. You’re Frustrated With your Current Reality


Hate your job? Tired of living with your parents? Sick of your wardrobe? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then it is definitely time to begin changing your current situation. If your day to day life isn’t exactly where you want it to be, then do what you have to do to get it there. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It won’t always be filled with happy moments, but knowing that you’re doing your best to achieve your deepest desires sure helps keep a smile on your face.

4. You’re Afraid of Being “Average”


There is nothing wrong with having really high standards for yourself. If you desire nothing but the best for your life, and the thought of being a 9-5 corporate slave makes you sick, then you need to do the due diligence it takes to live that high profile lifestyle that you seek. Wealth and success doesn’t just fall on your lap, so keep your high standards, and work to achieve that which you desire.

5. You Have a Ton of Creative Ideas That You Can’t Wait to Get Out


You have either a mental, or actual written, list of creative ideas that you’ve thought of all on your own that you would love to bring to life one day. That list isn’t going to hop off the paper and make it happen on it’s own. The only one who can brings your ideas to life is you. Don’t hold yourself back any longer. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be closer to following your dreams.

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