5 Ways To Feel At Peace During Your Busy Day


Via: ChopraCenter

When we tap into our natural state of flow, we source our true nature . . . we ride the wave of life with peace, ease, acceptance, and joy. A daily meditation practice is the foundation by which we can align with this flow so that no matter what life presents, we can relax into its momentum and flow effortlessly toward our highest outcome.

Consider adding these five simple practices to your day to leverage the powerful energy of your flow:


  • Breathe deeply. One of the most powerful actions we can take is to stop and breathe deeply. Breathing keeps us healthy. It is calming to the body, mind, and spirit—providing a sense of grounding and connection with the present moment. Breathing can give us more energy and provide oxygen to our cells, as we mindfully pause. The deeper we breathe, the better we feel. Breathing with purpose helps us stay connected to our natural state of flow. Breathing is free, easy, and when practiced, can change how we experience life.
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  • Cultivate gratitude. In a state of gratitude we are open, expansive, accepting, relaxed, and receptive—we are feeling our flow. As humans, the nature of our thinking mind provides us with the opportunity to practice choosing our natural state of ease daily. Sometimes we are tested moment by moment to reframe the limiting thoughts that may replay throughout the day. A powerful tool for redirecting our inner state during times of stress, fear, confusion, or even in moments of apathy is to practice gratitude. Pausing our inner dialogue and redirecting our attention to what is right, good, and abundant in our lives at the moment powerfully shifts our perspective and places us back into the flow of acceptance and ease.
  • Eat with intention: How we fuel and care for ourselves is directly reflected in how we feel, act, and react—how we flow. When we make time to feed ourselves with the intention of caring for our body, we are honoring the physical vessel that allows us to have this human experience. This nurturing act can happen as we select the food we ingest. When in a hurry, do we choose the drive-thru for fast food, or do we take that extra five minutes to stop and find something healthy? When we take in our food, is the act of eating a sidenote while working with intensity at our desks, our attention elsewhere? Or do we stop to find a nice quiet place to allow our bodies to receive the nourishment? Do we eat so fast that we miss the taste of our food? Or do we slow down and savor each bite, with a sense of gratitude and deep breaths along the way? When we choose to select and receive our food in ways that are supportive for our bodies, we are practicing mindful eating—we slow down, choose wisely, and by doing so cultivate alignment with our natural flow.
  • Radiate compassion. Deepak teaches that the purpose of life is the progressive expansion of happiness and the ability to love and have compassion. So, what is compassion? Compassion happens naturally when we choose to open our mind wider than our reactions, limiting thoughts or beliefs, and judgments. In this expansion, we make space to begin to consider the other point of view and alternate possibilities; we access the ability to have empathy and forgiveness for ourselves and others. One of the quickest ways to ignite the spirit of compassion within is to practice kindness. As we begin to express kindness in our interactions with those around us, the world softens and that kind compassion is given back to us tenfold.
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  • Have fun! Happiness is our true nature. When we are having fun, we are truly aligned with the powerful current of energy that is our essence. Each moment that we are not able to see or feel joy provides us with the opportunity to remember that flow within and take the present moment to realign . . . to choose to be in the flow of joy that we were designed to experience.