5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Changing The Fashion Industry


Via: Dave Edwodson ( Cloud, Apps, and Technology Specialist)

Mobile apps are influencing the fashion industry because they allow clothes enthusiasts to keep up to date on the hottest trends. At the same time, apps make it easier for clothing designers to reach out to their fan base. Here are five of the top ways that mobile apps are shaking up the world of fashion.

More Accurate Sizing When Ordering Online


One of the regular complaints about shopping for clothing online is getting the right size. Innovative apps from clothing manufactures will allow customers to scan their body with their smartphone so that they can be assured of the best chance for a great fit. This can take a lot of the frustration out of ordering online. Offering this service will increase sales considerably and make sure that more customers are satisfied every time they place an order.

Apps Encourage Customer Loyalty


Apps encourage customers to return to your business repeatedly because they feel more connected to your brands. Apps can remember their previous order information or make suggestions based on their previous purchases. This level of personalized service helps customers feel that they still are getting a live salesperson type of experience anytime of the day or night.

Reaching Niche Markets Such as Used Designer Goods


Apps have made it possible for customers to buy used clothing at their own convenience. Many designer goods are discarded while still in good enough shape to be considered new. Customers can use apps to browse an up to date inventory of consignment goods. Those that are concerned about the environment have embraced this trend and saved a lot of money in the process.

Helps Bring Customers to Brick and Mortar Stores


 When a store has an app, the company can easily give customers exclusive discounts that get them in the door of a physical location. An app can be a great idea for luxury brands that insist on personalized sales experiences rather than online stores. Customers can browse the latest trends while on the app and then come to the store to complete the purchase.

Allows Users to Plan and Coordinate a Wardrobe That Suits Their Style


A well-planned wardrobe can allow its wearer greater fashion versatility, and apps can be the perfect tool to help users plan and organize a complete closet. The savvy company might have an app that creates a coordinated wardrobe for a customer from the store’s existing stock. This can encourage customers to purchase a larger portion of their wardrobe from just one business. This is a great time saver for the busy person that wants to look great and have many pieces that work together.

If you are a fashion designer or store, you need an app


Apps are not out of reach of even the smallest business. Companies like Worry Free Labs specialize in creating apps that work hard to bring you the business you deserve while providing your customers with exceptional service any time of the day. Technology will continue to become increasingly integrated into the fashion industry and is already indispensible to consumers when it comes to shopping and accessing instant information on trends, deals, and discounts. Don’t fall behind and get started on an app today!