5 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew “Dutchess Ink” Episode


Last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew was an eye opener on the true characteristics of the show cast. This is what MaseTV learned from watching last night’ episode “These Are Minions”:

With the Black Ink staff numbers dwindling, Ceaser met with a potential new (female) employee, who is quickly shot down by the reigning queen of the shop, Dutchess. In an attempt to mend his broken family, O’S**t catches up with his Baby Mama #1, Kathy, who he hasn’t seen since she attacked his ex-girlfriend, Kaylin. Puma checks in with Alex and gives her some news that could lead to civil war within the Black Ink Crew. In an effort to strengthen his family, Puma reunites with his estranged mother. When Dutchess and Sassy finally confront each other, Sassy gives Dutchess information that could change the relationship between Ceaser and Puma forever.

1) Ceaser is Pu**ywhipped

It was obvious during last nights episode how completely sprung (pu**ywhipped) shop owner Ceaser is over his girlfriend Dutchess. He allows her to control his friendships, who he fires, who he hires, and how he feels about situations. Dutchess must be doing more to Ceaser than she did on that pole at King of Diamonds!!!

2) Dutchess is an angry biotchhhhh

Dutchess is bad attitude is no secret on this season of Black Ink Crew. In last night’s episode we saw how cold she really is after being confronted by both “Mommy” and Ceaser about her quarrel with Sassy. Dutchess proceeded to rant about how she “didn’t give a fu*k” and “in a war there will be casualities”….WTF?! She even threw Teddy under the bus by telling Sassy that Teddy is the one who blew the rumor about them sleeping together out of proportion…..Damn Dutchess……cold-blooded!

3) Puma is Spiteful


Puma announced to former receptionist Alex that to get back at Ceaser for firing him, he would be opening his own tattoo shop right in Harlem… BOOM!!! Let the drama begin.

4) Never Have A Baby to Try and Keep A Man

A Sh*t’s baby mother Kathy clearly still has feelings for him, and is constantly heartbroken every time he brings her around another woman. It doesn’t help that they have a child together. Which leads us to our point for the ladies…..don’t have his baby to try and keep him. It just won’t work!

5) Ceaser is Cold-Hearted and Only Loyal to His Woman

Ceaser seems to not care about anyone outside of Dutchess in the shop. Between him listening to everything she orders him to do, him being okay with his staff dwindling, and then stealing O Sh*t’s client right in front of his face goes to show that Ceaser don’t give two fu*ks about what anyone thinks or feels…unless your name rhymes with “Crutches”.

Check out the full episode below, and be sure to tune into Black Ink Crew every Monday at 9:30pm only on VH1