5 Reasons She Didn’t Call You Back


Greetings Gentlemen, The GM is here again.  This time I’m going to switch it up. This won’t be an article solely based upon men’s fashion but rather the actions of the Gentleman. Follow me . . .

So you just got in from the date with the beautiful curly-haired girl you met at the bar/through a friend/via Twtter DMs or whatever right?

You texted her “Hey, just got in.  I really had a good time with you tonight!”

30 minutes go by . . . she finally replies with a “Yeah me too! TTYL!” And you give her that good old “Can’t wait to see you again” *Emoji smirk face* and then . . . nothing. Nothing! The typing bubble is just her trying to let you down easy.


Here’s 5 reasons that may or may not have happened on that fateful evening.

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Reason #1 – Your Conversation Game was Severely Lacking

The main goal of a first date is to not only show who you are as a person (whether good or bad) but to get to know the other person as best you can.  And the way to do that is outstanding conversation. No long drawn times of silence, lots of laughter, and tasteful questions. Speaking about any of the following will probably get you curved quick: Your exes, Yourself too much, Your future together with your current date, any jealous sentiment towards her bringing up any old fling.  Keep the conversation going and keep it fun. It’s 90% of the date!

Reason 2# – You Only did Something Ordinary, like Dinner

While dinner is usually my go to for a first date, I think only doing dinner is a terrible idea.  Now I’m not saying it’s the worst idea but I certainly don’t think it’s the best one. The night should end on dinner.  Do a fun activity before like bowling for two, Bike riding, Rock climbing, or any random cheap date on Groupon (no seriously Groupon is where it’s at). Or do something seemingly spontaneous after. If you walk past a museum on your way out from dinner, tell her “we’re going in here” or even just a movie that she may have mentioned to you over dinner.  Dinner is 30-45 mins tops. Make the night stretch!



Reason #3 – Your Outfit Sucked

So by now you guys know me and my affinity for a great outfit and my absolute disdain for a bad one.  So I would be remised to not bring the sartorial aspect of dating into this.  Plain and simple if you look bad, you better make up for it some other way because chances are that’s the only outfit she’ll ever see you in. I can’t give you the go-to date outfit because it depends on what you’re doing. My advice is this though: Layer, be comfortable and make sure your clothes are fitted. No Jordans either. Basically just don’t look like an extra on Jersey Shore. 

 bad outfit date



Reason #4 – Cologne was too Skrong (trying too hard)

I use cologne too strong as an analogy of just trying too hard.  Lets say you “Put on too much cologne” and now all she is doing is smelling you instead of getting to know you. Essentially, if you spend your first date trying to convince someone as to why you are God’s gift to Earth, you will be under that Christmas tree, alone. Mention your job don’t mention your pay.  Mention your favorite sport, not how many trophies you won in little league.  Mention where you grew up and not how many fights you won on the bus ride home.  Showing off will only have those texts dryer than a crackheads lips in December.




Reason #5 – You didn’t Pay the Entire Bill (Halfsies)

We should know this had to be on there. If at any point you look unsure when the bill comes, she’s gone bruh, she’s gone.  My favorite move is called the “No Look Pass”, just to throw the card in the bill folder.  Don’t let her even offer to pay a penny. And NO she can not leave the tip.  Once you give her time to pull her wallet out, it’s over. Game. Set. Match.  Boss that joint and be a man. Pay that bill. In its entirety.

 bill date

Fellas don’t be a douchebag! Enjoy her company. Have the mentality that the date is for her and for her alone.  Her enjoying herself will lead to YOU enjoying yourself.  Get that call back fellas.

Sincerely, A guy who gets called back

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