5 Expert Tips for Job Search Success in 2017

Business People Waiting Nervously
Business People Waiting Nervously

2017 is the year of the job seeker. No more dead-end job. No more job search ruts. No more settling for less than your dream opportunity.

IMPACT Group (ighr.com) career coaches share what it takes to stand out in the crowd and move careers forward quickly.

1) Build A Résumé That Will Make Them Call


Think bigger than your day-to-day. Think achievements! Your résumé/CV bullets and interview answers will skyrocket to the next level when you utilize strong achievement stories to share your skill set, qualifications, and passions. In a sea of similar job descriptions, these valuable nuggets will make you memorable to hiring managers. Utilize the Problem-Action-Results (PAR) format to highlight your greatest contributions and get calls back today.

2) Network, Network, Network!


More than 70% of job seekers land new positions through networking. Search the smart way. Reach out to your connections and ask for informational interviews to avoid getting lost in a résumé wasteland. Gathering knowledge and referrals via your contacts is an essential step in any job search. Do you consider yourself an introvert? Click here to refine your networking skills.

3) Ditch Stagnant Job Search Strategies


Yes, we realize looking for a job can be a full-time job. You might be tempted to save time, cut a few corners, and use a résumé blasting tool. Appealing, but you’ll get disappointing results. You’ll quickly realize that saving time might not save your sanity. Discover better ways to find great leads here.

4) Understand How Companies Connect With Candidates


The way companies source candidates and recruit new talent is changing in the face of our tech-driven world. With dynamic websites and active social media platforms, companies are able to maintain a passive pipeline of possible talent for future hiring needs.

5) Wait Until A Job is Posted? It May be Too Late


Get on your target companies’ radar before ideal jobs are open to be considered for opportunities before anyone else. Learn more about this passive approach to keep your active search going.