5 Career-Boosting Moves You Still Have Time to Make in 2016

Despite being halfway through 2016, there are still a variety of ways that you can boost your career before the year ends.
Below are 5 sure ways you’ll boost your career, and prepare for career greatness in 2017!
We’re more than halfway done with 2016. (Can this even be possible?) How’s your career humming along? Did you vow to make this the year you make a change, snag a promotion, or gain new skills or credentials?
Are you there yet? If no, fear not. You’ve still got plenty of time before the holiday season, when companies typically start winding down on interviewing and hiring for the year. Now the hard question: Are you ready to set aside a bit of your summer sun time and get going?
I’ll assume you said yes: That’s excellent. Here are five things you can still accomplish career-wise in 2016, instead of putting things off until next year: