4th Graders Write A “Crunk” Song To Help Them Learn Long Division [Video]


One group of 4th graders have gone viral with the super “crunk” song they made up in order to learn long division.

Florida teacher Nadine S. Ebri recently shared a video of her students singing a special song they wrote while learning long division. And it its gone viral!

“I always heard that teachers dreaded teaching long division! Well, not anymore! My students made this song up! They’re seriously the most crunk class ever!”

Ebri is a third and fourth grade teacher at La Core Christian Elementary in Jacksonville. She told The Huffington Post she filmed the video during her first math lesson on long division.

“I was teaching my students about the steps to a long division problem when a student began to beat,” Ebri said. “I assume that I was repeating the steps in a way that made it sound ‘rap-like.’ We then turned it into a song.”

The teacher said it only took about five minutes for the kids to write the song. Her video has reached over 13 million views on Facebook.

“I hope that this video shows teachers the importance of relating to students, especially in an urban community,” Ebri told HuffPost. “There is a difference between being ‘bad’ and simply being ‘bored.’ Most students are bored with the traditional way of teaching, causing them to act out in class.”

Ebri added that she’s happy her video’s viral fame is inspiring teachers to change some of their education practices. “I have always learned about culturally relevant pedagogy in college and the importance of meeting kids where they are at,” she said.

“I hope that this video inspires teachers to teach in a way that relates to their students,” she added. “Only then will they reach their students in an effective way.”