4 Ways In 1: How To Vamp Up Your Favorite Piece Of Clothing


Do you ever have that one item in your wardrobe that you just love, but every time you wear it, it can feel repetitive? Or do you feel like you repeat pieces in your wardrobe way too much?

Not to worry, we all have that piece of clothing that we wear all the time. The idea is not to get rid of it, but make it feel new each time you rock it.


You can make a piece of clothing new each time you wear it by many different ways. Here are some tips for giving that classic item a new spin.


1: Accessorizing is everything. By adding a chunky necklace to that favorite sweater it creates glam to the classic piece.


2. Throw a jacket over it. Fall time is all about layers, so don’t wear that sweater by itself, add a denim jacket to switch up the look. You can even go preppy and wear a collared shirt underneath.

3. Change up your footwear. If you catch yourself wearing the same boots with you favorite sweater, switch it up and wear heels next time. It doesn’t have to be extra fancy or unpractical, wear a wedge with it.


4. Switch up your bottom half. If your use to wearing jeans, venture out and wear a skirt, or if your really feeling bold, throw on some printed pants. This will completely change the look.

So remember, it’s all about mixing and matching your wardrobe around if you want to keep your look fresh. It’s not about buying everything new, but looking at what you have with a new set of eyes.

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