4 Reasons You Need a Business Card for Professional Networking


Via: CompanyFolders

Networking is a huge part of running a business—whether you’re nurturing old relationships or looking for new clients and investors. But if you’re trying to network without a business card, you could be missing out on some great connections.

Here’s why a business card matters when you’re networking:

  • It’s quicker than pulling out your mobile device.
  • It’s tangible, which helps people remember you.
  • It can be customized to showcase what your business does.
  • It can increase sales by up to 3%, which is a good return for a small marketing tool.

But how do you make a business card that reps your brand and looks professional? With these eight tips for business card design from the creative team at Company Folders. Read on to learn how you can customize your card to fit your brand’s needs.

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