300 Students Walk Black Woman To Class After Racial Harassment #IWalkWithNatasha [Video]


A black student in Texas was walked to class by hundreds of students after she says she was racially attacked while walking to class.

Natasha Nkhama says she was pushed and called the “n-word” while on campus by a white student shortly after Donald Trump’s shocking presidential win.

However, hundreds of students from all backgrounds joined in solidarity to walk Natasha to class while also taking over social media with the #IWalkWithNatasha hashtag.

Via: Good Black News

“On my way to class, this guy went out of his way to bump into me and … shove me off the sidewalk,” she said. “He said ‘no n*ggers allowed on the sidewalk’.”

“And I was just shocked,” she added. “Like, I had no words.”

Nkhama also said that when confronted by a nearby student, her attacker replied “Like what … I’m just trying to make America great again.”

“So if you voted for Donald Trump, I hope you realize what that means from someone else’s point of view,” Nkhama said.



The school released an official statement supporting students from all race, religions, and backgrounds being able to walk safely on their campus.

Source: Bossip