3 Ways To Properly Promote Your Website


There are many different ways you can go about promoting your website, depending on what product or service it is that you offer. For those who run B2C websites, we’ve come up with a few different ways you can promote your website:

Refer A Friend Deals


The best way a site can be promoted is through word of mouth, or peer to peer referral. A great way to ensure people are being referred to your site is to introduce a refer a friend scheme which benefits existing users or customers. This can be used in different ways to incentivise the customer or user to promote your site to their friends. This is usually done via email – a user will enter the email addresses of their friends, who will then be sent a template email saying their friend has recommended this site to them. For every friend the player signs up, they either receive a small incentive, such as a voucher, merchandise or discount. Alternatively, they might have to meet a quota of say 5 referrals to get an order free.

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No Deposit Offers

This type of thing works extremely well on gambling sites, as it offers players a free amount of cash to gamble, without having to spend any of their own cash first. This encourages people to sign up as they are getting something for free instantly, which then increases the player database and potential revenue if customers like what they see for free. Bingoonmobile’s owner says that this is a tried and tested method within the industry which is a great way to gain new fans and players without costing much, as the freebie has to be spent on the site. Mobile bingo no deposit sites certainly attract players as there’s still the potential to win real prizes despite playing with free funds.

Social Media


Another sure fire way to promote your website is through social media outlets like Twitter. This can be updated as frequently or infrequently as you like, and can reach potentially thousands of new customers without having to spend too much to reach them. You don’t have to use paid ads on social media sites, you just have to know how to be tech savvy. Following the right people, finding your audience, going with trends and encouraging conversations can get people noticing your business and therefore your website – all for free essentially.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can promote your website with little effort or cost required. If you adopt a few of these tips you are sure to grow your user base and end up with a few new customers and clients who are hopefully in it for the long haul!