3 Reasons Why You Should Make A Career Change


Thinking about leaving your job? If you’re considering leaving your job, don’t just leave your job to get another job. Leave your job so that you cans tart your career.

A career is a journey through an industry or position that utilizes your true talent and passion. A career can come natural to most because a career signifies that this is something long-term and not short-term.

Here are some ways that you can know that it’s time for you to make a career change.

Via: CareerNews

1) You’re Under-Appreciated and Overworked:


You provide a service to your company that makes them money; without you they can’t operate. This gives them no right to overwork you to the point of failure. They may want to cut corners and costs by loading additional work on you rather than hiring another to take over. Businesses launch each and every day; even in a shaky economy you’ll have the ability to find a new career.


2) You Could Miss Your True Calling:


Comfort is the path to stagnation; it’s when you come to a crawl that you no longer progress in your career because there’s little incentive to learn new skills. The true calling that you seek can be any type of interest; it could be a beloved hobby, branch-off of an existing skill, or something completely opposite which you’ve always found intriguing.


3) You’ve Come To Realize It’s a Dying Industry:


Technology has placed the nail in the coffin for many industries. Everything is changing at such a rapid rate that many individuals are being blind-sided to the point where they’re left without a job thanks to the dying industry. When you realize that there are technologies that are going to replace your work it’s time to consider a career shift. Get the jump on others bailing from the industry by developing your skills to the fullest and finding ways to diverge from the work.


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