3 Layered Summer Looks for Men


In the summer, some guys are afraid to layer up. But layering should be a 365 days a year move.

Don’t be afraid to layer up this summer and here is how you’re going to do it.


1) Day to Day Operations: Striped short sleeve shirt under a short sleeve button up. This is a go to for a casual day in the city. Not going any where important but want to impress everyone who sees you, go with this. Chino shorts to match the look and a good straw hat if you’re about that life . This look is also great for a beach day


2) Late Night: Lightweight 100% cotton blazer with a v neck tee shirt. Pair a light weight blazer with a set of slim fit chinos in a thin summer fabric for this comfortable sophisticated look.  Stay cool (literally and figuratively) and go with a short sleeve V neck tee shirt or a striped long sleeve shirt under. It’s imperative that your V-neck shirt has NO print on it. This is not Miami Vice. Please also order a side of Pocket square and let it be able to stand on it’s own four. Corners that is.

summer looks 3

3) Expert level boss stage final battle . The Short suit set. Very casual but very dressy. Either later it with a Polo shirt underneath in case you take the blazer off or a button up. If you go with the button up, take it up another notch on expert mode and rock a bow tie. You will get two types of stares when you go with this look. The guys and ladies who love the look and respect it and the confused face from those who still wear purple or forest green shirts out to the club with square toe loafers.

Cheat code. Something. At least one thing on each of these outfits should be floral. Let the summer know you mean business.