2017’s Best & Worst States for Jobs


Via: WalletHub

Job hunting is never easy. Between scanning employment ads, updating résumés, contacting references and preparing for interviews, there’s no step that isn’t somewhat tedious or downright painful.

But the process can be even harder when you don’t know where to begin looking for work, which is why narrowing your search to a particular location can be crucial. And because that part itself requires a bit of research, WalletHub’s data analysts did the homework to help you focus on the most important task: finding your dream position in a place you’ll love.

In order therefore to determine the most attractive states for employment, we compared the 50 states across 24 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity and economic vitality. Our data set ranges from employment growth to median annual income to average commute time. Read on for our findings, methodology and useful insight from a panel of researchers.

For a more local breakdown of the job market, check out WalletHub’s ranking of the Best & Worst Cities for Jobs.

Source: WalletHub
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