2 Chainz Sued For $5 Million Over #IsThisYoThot Video 


Last year 2 Chainz made a young lady go viral by releasing a video of her attempting to hang out with him and his crew backstage. 2 Chainz went as far as to upload the below video to social media, which had everyone talking.

Well now a year later, the woman, Christine Chisholm, of Charlotte, NC is clapping back at 2 Chainz and filing a $5 million lawsuit against the rapper whose video she says cost her her job.

Via: WBTV 

A Charlotte woman has filed a lawsuit against Tauheed Epps, a rapper known as 2 Chainz, after he posted a derogatory video he shot after a show backstage at the Fillmore Theater.

Christine Chisholm filed the lawsuit on her own behalf against Epps and Ro’Zay Richie, who goes by Cap 1. Chisholm claims the video has severely damaged the her reputation and has caused her to lose her job.

According to the lawsuit, Chisholm was invited back stage at the concert by Richie. While she was backstage, 2 Chainz recorded a video of her.

In the video, 2 Chainz calls Chisholm a THOT, which is a slang acronym which stands for “that hoe over there.”

The video was posted on YouTube and other websites, where the lawsuit claims it garnered more than ten million views and one million comments.

According to the lawsuit, 2 Chainz later posted the video of Chisholm to his blog and other websites with the hashtag #isthatyothot.

Chisholm claims her reputation has been damaged by the video.

“As a direct result of the video being posted online, Ms. Chisholm has been subject to harassment and verbal abuse in public,” the lawsuit says.

In her lawsuit, Chisholm claims to have been fired from her job after the video went viral.

Chisholm is seeking monetary damages in excess of $5,000,000. The lawsuit was filed in Mecklenburg County Superior Court in June. An attorney for 2 Chainz requested that the case be removed to federal court in July.


Guess 2 Chainz is about to learn the hard way the consequences of being petty.