15 Highlights of the New GQ X Gap Fall 2014 Collection


GQ Magazine and Gap just teamed up for very classy and stylish Fall Men’s Collection that hit stores this past September.

The pieces are a great variety for the Fall/Winter season, and can be mixed and matched to bring out the best of your manly swag this fashionable Fall season.

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1410971672710_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Parker165_RGB3

1410971728049_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ M Nii004_RGB3

M. Nii twill pant, $69.95

1410971725267_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Mikus235_RGB3

M. Nii stripe pocket tee, $34.95

1410971721222_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ M Nii001_RGB3

M. Nii shearling corduroy jacket, $128

1410971712620_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ M Nii003_RGB3

M. Nii stripe pullover, $39.95

1410971710194_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Dave349_RGB3

M. Nii long-sleeve stripe tee, $34.95

1410971707308_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Dave215_RGB3

M. Nii corduroy short, $59.95

1410971704123_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ M Nii002_RGB3

M. Nii logo tee, $34.95

1410971700812_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Mikus191_RGB3

M. Nii flannel shirt, $59.95

1410971696045_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Mikus160_RGB3

M. Nii twill pant, $69.95

1410972362143_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Chad143_RGB3

John Elliott + Co shirt tail tee, $34.95

1410972379201_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ John Elliott003_RGB3

John Elliott + Co structured sweatpant, $59.95

1410972390558_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Daniel153_RGB3

John Elliott + Co skinny selvedge jean, $120

1410972402394_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Daniel102_RGB3

John Elliott + Co crewneck pullover, $69.95

1410972427073_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ John Elliott004_RGB3

John Elliott + Co skinny selvedge jean, $120

1410972442469_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ Daniel038_RGB3

John Elliott + Co baseball tee, $34.95

1410972470468_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ John Elliott001_RGB3

John Elliott + Co pullover hoodie, $69.95

1410972498031_GD_ADU14FA5PR_GQ John Elliott002_RGB3

John Elliott + Co quilted baseball jacket, $200

See the FULL Collection HERE

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