15 Guided Meditations For Beginner Peace Seekers


Many beginners in meditation often complain about their inability to focus in complete silence when under stress.

But fret not, for there are a ton of guided meditations can assist you on your journey to oneness. Try one of these apps and resources for a fast, guided meditation session when you need it most. You might even find yourself working these sessions into your daily peace seeking routine.

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buddhify app

How it works: Download this app for guided meditation literally on demand. With over 80 sessions for every scenario like traveling, trying to go to sleep, or even slogging away at work on your computer, you can destress in minutes.
Why it’s different: Because we all want to PR (even when we’re meditating) the app tracks your stats to see how your mindfulness, concentration, and balance improve with every session.

Where to get it: $4.99, buddhify.com



How it works: For the meditation newbies, Headspace teaches you how to meditate by providing programs ranging from two minutes to an hour that train your mind to tap into your creativity, improve your relationships, and totally chill out.

Why it’s different: Users can start with the Take 10 free program, which teaches you the basics of meditation over the course of 10 minutes a day. Subscribe for more tailored programs that focus on your health, performance, and more.

Where to get it: $7.99/month for a year (subscriptions vary), headspace.com

The Honest Guys


How it works: Free and easy to follow, The Honest Guys YouTube channel is made for the masses, meaning both male and female, advanced or beginner levels can log on to find guided meditations for a quick time-out, morning affirmations, and more.

Why it’s different: One of the more visual guided meditation channels, you’ll be instantly transported to lush forests, serene mountains, and icy blue waters as you zone out and refocus.

Where to get it: Free, youtube.com



How it works: Decide what you need, from two minutes up to 20 minutes of guided meditations that will help you boost your energy, increase your confidence, and sharpen your mindfulness.

Why it’s different: Calm’s music is the cherry on top of this mindful meditation sundae. Within a few seconds you’ll feel your muscles begin to melt into your seat as you take a few minutes out of your day just for you.

Where to get it: Free, calm.com

Mindfulness Meditation


How it works: Though using your phone to meditate seems counterproductive, Mindfulness Meditation teaches you how to live in the moment, feel happier every day, and improve your sense of well-being through a series of inspirational talks, guided meditations, and relaxation exercises.

Why it’s different: With his app, created by Stephan Bodian, author of Meditation for Dummies, you’re sure to master the practice of being mindful with an 8-week plan that will ingrain meditation into your daily routine.

Where to get it: $12.99/year, mentalworkout.com

Simply Being


How it works: Beginners can dip their toes in the meditation waters with this quick practice. Select the music and length of time you want and practice resting your mind for the duration of the session.

Why it’s different: Customize your meditation by choosing nature sounds, music, and how long you want to listen to them after the guided meditation has ended. (We won’t judge you if you have these tunes on repeat—they’re that addicting for your mental health.)

Where to get it: $1.99, itunes.com



How it works: Learn the basics or take your practice to the next level with hundreds of audio tracks you can mix and match to help you sleep or find peace, enlightenment, and more. With a library of guided meditations this large, you’ll never have to hear the same one twice.

Why it’s different: The app syncs with Apple’s HealthKit and will recommend a track whenever you start to feel stressed. It’s kind of like getting a call from your best friend at the exact moment you need it most.

Where to get it: Free trial of 25 tracks, omvana.com

Insight Timer


How it works: Set the timer and transport yourself across the globe with guided meditations from the pros paired with Tibetan singing bowls to give you an authentic meditation experience without leaving your living room.

Why it’s different: Insight timer comes with a robust online community, so you can log on to see who is meditating with you at the same time all over the world. How’s that for a sense of togetherness?

Where to get it: Free, insighttimer.com



How it works: Log off Facebook and on to YouTube for a few minutes during your work day to find 1-minute guided meditations, 14-day challenges, and meditative music to combat anxiety and be more alert. Plus, subscribe and get meditation tips emailed directly to you, so it’s the first thing you digest every morning.

Why it’s different: The challenges are free, and this channel teaches you different types of meditation from all different cultures, so you can find the style that suits you best.

Where to get it: Free, youtube.com

Dharma Seed


How it works: This app teaches Theravada Buddhism by streaming talks from its podcast. One of the more conservative forms of Buddhism, its teachers help you learn how to make this practice work in your modern day life.

Why it’s different: The app’s search function helps you find sessions by teacher and keyword as well as share your favorite talks with friends, meaning you can turn your brunch buddies into Buddhist groupies overnight.

Where to get it: Free, itunes.com

Universal Breathing: Pranayama


How it works: Teach your body how to breathe properly by training your lungs with this guided meditative breathing app, with courses ranging from beginner to advanced.

Why it’s different: By focusing just on your breathing, you’ll wind up with a ton of other health benefits, such as increased endurance, tricks to fall asleep faster, and improved mood. The music settings in the app are also designed to help you focus on breathing sessions beneficial for morning wake-ups versus nighttime relaxation techniques.

Where to get it: $4.99, play.google.com



How it works: Meditate anywhere, anytime you need it with the help of this app. It teaches you how to meditate in the moment with guided meditation, instructions on how to improve your posture and breathing, and info on teaching yourself how to do a full body scan to make sure all your senses are tuned in.

Why it’s different: For those who might not have time to seclude themselves in a quiet room every day to meditate, this app will teach you the fundamentals to do it anywhere from a crowded bus to the gym. Bonus: Use the walking meditation session to fuel your next run for a workout that’s good for mind and body.

Where to get it: Free, play.google.com

Breathe and Relax


How it works: In times of stress and intense concentration, our breathing is often the first thing to go. This app gives you a friendly nudge to remind you to breathe through exercises that will make meditative breathing second nature.

Why it’s different: With four breathing audio breaks that alert you at specific times during the day, you’ll be able to improve how you breathe, whether you want to focus on basic awareness, belly breathing, deep breathing, or pleasure breathing.

How to get it: $1.99, itunes.com

Walking Meditations


How it works: Get your blood pumping as you quiet your mind with guided walking meditation sessions that are perfect for those who find it hard to sit still and meditate (or not fall asleep).

Why it’s different: Use the diary page to jot down thoughts to reflect on later as you work your way through the three guided sessions which focus on being mindful of the present as well as tapping into your body and senses.

Where to get it: $1.99, itunes.com

Sleep Easily


How it works: For the especially sleep deprived, this guided meditation will lull you into a deep sleep with a 26-minute session that you most likely won’t make it to the end of.

Why it’s different: Set an alarm within the app before your session starts, so you don’t have to stress out about oversleeping. It’s guaranteed to be more pleasant to wake up to than your standard grating alarm.

Where to get it: Free, itunes.com


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