10 Ways to Know That You’re NOT Responsible With Money!!!


We all know those people who are always having their hand out asking somebody for money, a loan, something to eat, or something. It seems there will never be a time when you can even ask them for anything because they’re steady borrowing from everyone else. Even worse….these mofos are absolutely CLUELESS that they even have a problem with saving money.

So here they are, MASE 10 ways to know that you’re NOT responsible with money! Get your notepads out, because if you can agree witth one of the ten posts then you definitely need to #GetYaLife.Com 


1. You Have NO Active Checking or Savings Account: 

Ladies and Gentlemen if you are over the age of 18 and have NO active checking or savings account, then you most definitely need to get your financial life together! A checking and savings account is a vital necessity of establishing yourself financially, and as an adult.



2. You’ll Spend Your Last $20 to get into the Club, or go to the Salon!

You really have no shame in your broke ass game if you do this. Prioritizing is huge when managing money, and you have to be real with yourself if you’re spending your last to have a good time. YOLO doesn’t apply to your pockets!



3. You’ve got Some Type of Utility Bill in your Child’s, or Family Members’s, Name-

This is too often the case with some people we know. Messing up your child’s credit, before they’re even registered to vote. It’s a selfish, and self-centered, thing to put someone through….especially to your own blood. Get it together.



4. You Can’t go 6 Months Without Asking Someone for Money-

If you’re constantly with your hand out asking all your resources to “let you hold a lil something”, then you have a serious issue with managing money. You might want to get some help mentally if you’re over the age of 25, because at some point in your life you need to learn how to start living life, and stop just existing day-to-day.

broke5. You Owe More than 3 People Money, and You Don’t Have ANY Funds to Pay ANYBODY Back-

At least have a plan of how you intend on paying the people you owe back instead of just building up a huge tab. Owing people money means that you’ll NEVER be able to enjoy your own money when you get it, because you have so many people to pay back.



6. “As long as I owe you, you’ll never go broke” Has Become your Catch Phrase- 

If you ever loan somebody money, and they say this to you when you try to get your money back, then you better know for damn sure that you’re NEVER EVER EVERRRR *Taylor Swift Voice* getting your money back!



7. You’re Phone is Always Getting Turned Off-

If every few months I see your Facebook status saying, “new number inbox me your info” please understand that you need to learn the concept of paying your phone bill on time, instead of jumping from Sprint, to AT&T, to wack a$$ Metro PCS.SMH!!!

jackie chan


8. You’ll Spend Money on Clothes, Jewelry, and a Trip to Miami, but REFUSE to SAVE Money-

It’s like having money burns a hole in your pocket because you can spend on things that don’t matter, yet you live at home with your parents, are in a sh*t load of debt from students loans/credit cards, and have no car. Try spending your money towards something you’ll be able to benefit from in 5 years….it’s called an ASSET!!!



9. You Dress Fly at the Expense of Credit Cards, Borrowed Money, Refund Check Money, Clueless Females/Males who Want to Date You, or Your Mother-

We just shut down half of the fly people on Instagram!!! #POW Stop frontin’ and stuntin’ on these social networks showing off all this fly gear that you know you can’t personally afford. The reason Jay-Z can stunt is because he worked hard to earn it, now play your part and work hard for them like LOL.



10. Your Bills Ain’t Paid But You Got Them Jay’s Tho!!!

How many of your followers does this apply to?!…..Be honest!!! LOL



How many of y’all nasty behinds did this one?!?!?!

you aint gotta lie craig



Are you responsible with money, or could you use some improvement?

Be honest, and Make A Statement!