10 Things No Woman Should Tolerate From A Potential Spouse 


You’re in the early stages of dating someone who has the potential to become your new official bae. You like spending time with them, enjoy your conversations, and secretly daydream of the day you two will make things official.

However, deep down inside you’re still wondering if they’re the one who will sweep you off your feet. It’s too soon to know for sure, but what are some red flags that you should be looking out for from your potential new boo?

Read on to learn about the 10 things no woman should tolerate from a potential spouse.

. Dishonesty

This is a no-brainer, which is why it’s listed first. When in the early stages of bonding and building with a potential, honesty should be at the forefront. If you’re possible future spouse has already been caught lying, or hiding/editing the truth, then this is definitely a red flag you want to look out for. No one deserves to be lied to by someone they’re falling for.

. Lack of Communication

Not everyone has the best communication skills. It takes patience to build a solid communication structure within a relationship. However, when in the early stages of dating someone there should definitely be more openness when it comes to being open and honest about how you’re feeling. No one deserves to be with someone who’s not willing to at least try communicating better. Lack of communication in the early stages could lead to some pretty serious relationship issues later on.

. Won’t Put Down Their Phone

If the one you’re dating has an issue with putting down their phone when they’re with you then move on ASAP! That’s a clear and direct sign that they’re not that invested into what you’re attempting to build with them, and also a sign that this person is exploring the other fish in the sea.

. Non Responders to Missed Text and Phone Calls

Anyone who doesn’t make contacting you back a priority isn’t someone you need to be making a priority. Plain and simple. Don’t matter how many excuses they have, their actions are speaking louder and they’re saying “they’re just not that into you”.

. Juggler of Women

If you’re just one of the eggs in their basket of choices for the evening, this might be someone you would want to reconsider as a potential spouse. More than likely many of their options won’t just up and disappear once you two become official.

. Need for Attention

It’s sweet that your spouse likes attention, but when they’re too much of an attention-seeker it can begin to take a toll on the relationship. A spouse who is demanding of your undivided attention at all times is showing signs of extreme jealousy and insecurity. These are issues that should be discussed early on when getting to know someone you’re dating.

. Extreme Jealousy

Extreme jealousy in a relationship is one that never ends well. Jealousy can lead to anger, and anger to rage, and rage leads to disaster. If you’re noticing clear signs of jealousy from your potential spouse you might want to head for the hills, or have a serious talk about it. Jealousy is not something to ignore, as it only gets worse with time.

. Controlling

Some females think having a controlling spouse is cute and shows how deeply in love they are. But being with a controlling spouse often times leads to tragedy or disaster later on down the road. Most domestic abuse cases started where the abuser was just “a little controlling”, which then eventually turned into regular routines of physical and emotional abuse as “punishment”. If you’re dating someone who is already showing clear signs of being combative and controlling you might want to reconsider getting too serious too soon.

. Cheap

No one wants to get serious with someone who’s afraid to spend a dollar. There is nothing wrong with spending your money wisely. But when your spouse is one who rather stay in the house all the time to avoid spending money, or rather try and pack food in your bag at the movies to avoid the concession stand, this might be someone who isn’t on your level if you’re into enjoying life regardless of the $20 you have to spend. Cheapskates never prosper.

. Immaturity

An immature spouse is never good. What good ever came out of a relationship with a childish adult? What adult wants to date a child? No need to be patient with an immature person, they only grow and mature at their own pace. So if you’re dating someone who just isn’t on your level maturity-wise, then just move on now and save yourself the time and energy.

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