10 Signs Your Relationship Is Basically Over


More times than not one or both partners of a relationship cannot come to terms with the fact that the relationship that was once filled with love and intimacy, is now nearing its end.  

We are all creatures of habit. We get used to situations just as easily as we get used to places and people. It is more difficult to break old habits once they become part of our everyday lives. There are times you may know in your heart and soul that the relationship is basically over, however, the thought of going through a breakup brings about a fear you’re just not ready for.

However, its worth noting how much worse it is when a relationship has gotten so bad but neither of them realizes it. Many of us prefer to go through life pretending not to notice reality. We keep pushing the ugly truth out of our mind until we no longer hear it knocking. As crazy as it sounds there are a great deal of couples who rather fake like they’re happy rather than face the facts and break up.

To help you decide if your relationship is worth fighting for or not, here are 10 signs that your relationship is basically over. 

You’re Not Having Sex


Once the sex stops that is pretty much a given that the relationship is done. Sex is a commonly enjoyed activity among most happy couples. If you two have lost the desire to want to satisfy each other sexually, then you’ve consequently have lost the desire to make each other happy. It’s definitely time to move on.

You’re Always Fighting


If you’ve reached the level of resorting to yell and scream at your spouse at least once everyday, or a few times a week, then you’ve reached the brink of breakup. Two people who genuinely love, respect, and appreciate each other will work hard to avoid offending the other. Communication is key to success with any relationship, so once you have lost the communication factor it’s only a matter of time before you lose the entire relationship. If you want to make what you have work then you need to find better ways of hearing each other out when discussing touchy subjects.

Their Presence Annoys You


Does your blood boil just by looking at your spouse? Do you find yourself more annoyed with your spouse’ presence than relieved? If the sight of your spouse brings out  the worst in you then I’m not even sure why you’re still in a relationship. Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the worst.

You’re Not Affectionate Anymore


If you and your spouse can make it through most nights without holding each other at all, there is definitely a lack of affection. Cuddling, touching, and warm embraces are all actions of a happy couple. If you and your spouse have lost the affection in your relationship that is a clear sign of loss of feelings and emotion.

There Are So Many Things You Want To Change About Them


Can you name more things you hate about your spouse than the amount of things you love about them? If you’re constantly thinking about the things you would rather change, or improve, about your spouse, then that is a clear sign of you not being truly happy. Most happy couples know their spouse isn’t perfect, but they still love, respect, and honor their spouse for who they naturally are. If you feel you need to change everything about who your mate is before being truly happy with them, then you might want to evaluate if this is really the one for you.

The Thought Of Them Leaving You Doesn’t Upset You


Would you be that hurt if your spouse broke up with you? If you know you will be primarily content when and if your spouse breaks up with you, then you don’t care to be with them anyway. If you don’t care if your spouse stays or goes then its safe to say that the relationship is over.

You’re Interested In Other People


Are you secretly texting other people? Have you begun crushing on people through social media, and “liking” more pics on Instagram. If you’ve reach the phase of gaining interest in other people outside of your spouse, then you’ve reached at point of possible no return. Your interest in other people shows a clear disinterest in the person you’re dating.

You’re Not Communicating


As mentioned before, communication is key for the success of any relationship, especially the one you’re dating. If you two are hiding your true feelings, ignoring each other rather than addressing the issue, arguing and fighting instead of have heart-to-heart conversations, then the communication is non-existent. Lack of communication in a relationship is a sign of breakup.

You Regret Ever Dating Them


Most couples love to reminisce on how they met and fell in love. If the memory of how you met your spouse upsets you, and you regret ever letting the relationship reach this far, then you’re obviously not happy with who you’re with.

You’re Planning Out How to Escape


Are you mapping out a plan on how to leave your spouse without it getting too messy? Crafting out an escape route on your mate? If you’re thinking more on how you can leave your spouse rather than thinking about how you can make it work, then you’ve reached a define moment in your relationship……it’s OVER!


You should never be afraid to do what’s best and right for you. Your happiness should come before anything else. Like the saying goes, “if you love something let it go. If it comes back to you then it’s yours”.

Don’t be afraid to walk away, even its just for a little while…..or forever.

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