10 Possible Reasons Why You’re Single (Male Edition)


All the single fellas…..All the single fellas (Beyonce voice). There are two types of single dudes. The single dudes who are single by choice, and the single dudes who desperately, and on-the-low, really want a girlfriend but just can’t seem to keep a girl happy long enough for her to truly stick around.

If you’re the single guy who actually prefers to NOT be single then read this with pen and paper in hand, or print it out and tape it to your refrigerator.

Here are 10 Possible Reasons Why You’re Single:


1. You’re Broke


This is pretty self-explanatory. No lady wants a broke dude. If you’re always crying broke and can’t take your chick out on a nice date, or buy her something nice…..or even offer to pay a bill…..then don’t count on her any other female wanting to be your wifey.


2. You’re too Into Yourself


Get over yourself. No woman wants a man who is more into his looks than she is. If you look in the mirror more than your chick, just know that it is a MAJOR turn off to women. Women can’t see themselves with a guy that makes them feel intimidated by their obsession with physical perfection. Don’t be surprised why women go on a few dates with you and don’t respond to your texts after.


3. You Still Live With Your Mom


How is a woman supposed to get wild and raunchy with you in the bedroom if she can hear your Mom walking around downstairs???? AWKWARD!!! Also the fact that you still live with your Mom (unless she needs to be taken care of) let’s a woman know that you’re not ready to grow up in a variety of ways. Women tend to avoid the little boys and look for the men who can support themselves. If you can support yourself that means that you can also support your woman, and that’s what attracts women to men…..not living at home with your Mommy!


4. You Sleep With Too Many Girls


It’s not sexy that you’re a whore bag. If a woman knows that you sleep with a variety of women on a regular basis then how will she ever match up to all the competition??? Women tend to purposely ignore the slutty men…..unless it’s a drunk night type of situation (wink wink). So if you’re okay with always being the “fu*k buddy” then fine, but don’t be surprised why you might not ever find The One.


5. You’re Too Sensitive/Emotional


Hey Drake……cut the emo sh*t! No lady wants a man who cries, or has more bitch fits than she does. If you’re always complaining about her not spending time with you, or talking about other people to her, or even complaining about anything in general…women don’t like that and will definitely begin to avoid you. It’s a woman’s job to cry and complain, you’re supposed to rub our backs and tell us to relax. How will that happen if you’re the one watching The Notebook and not her?!?!?!?! Man up!!!!


6. You Hide Your Feelings Too Much


Why so mysterious??? It’s cute at first, but eventually a woman will get tired of trying to pick your brain, figure out why your mad at her, or figure out if you have feelings for her. Many guys suffer from the “I’m too cool for feelings” disease and it leaves a lot of women upset, frustrated, and confused. Some women will put up with this childish behavior, some won’t……either way don’t wonder why you’re still single bro.


7. You Intimidate Women


No one likes to be intimidated by the person they’re dating, so if you have an intimidating personality that requires you to always question, second guess, or judge others, then don’t be surprised why the ladies avoid you and go after you more laid-back friend. Try loosening up on life in general and give everyone the benefit of the doubt before you pass judgment, or show off how smart you are. Nobody’s perfect and nobody really cares how smart you are.


8. You’re Bad in Bed


Self explanatory. NO ONE (Male or Female) wants a lame sexual partner. Even if a girl does try to put aside the fact that you have a small penis, or horrible stroke game, and decide to date you, it won’t be too much of a shocker when a few months down the line she accidentally cheats on you with Tyrone from down the block……I’m just saying!!!!


9. You’re Afraid to Commit


Everyone can’t be George Clooney or P. Diddy. Unless you have P. Diddy money you can’t expect a good woman (hence I said “good”) to wait for you forever while you figure out when you want to grow up and settle down. Love is a beautiful thing, and if you’re afraid of it, then you’ll watch it steadily pass you by.


10. You Don’t Know How to Communicate


Hey Silent Bob…….talk to your woman!!! Woman are by nature vulnerable beings, and live off of openness and communication. Women talk to each other about any and everything, so you better believe that they’re looking for a man that they can talk to about any and everything. If you’re not one for the wordplay, and just sit there listening, that may or may not work for you. All women want a man whose a good listener, but if all you do is listen and never offer feedback on her work drama, or the bad day she had that she’s so dramatically telling you about, she might just move on to someone who relates to her better.