9 Reasons to Join a Black Greek-Lettered Organization (Divine 9 Edition)

Black Greek  Divine 9 Celebration
Black Greek  Divine 9 Celebration

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. , I know first-hand the many questions that those outside of Black Greek-Lettered Organizations have as to why someone would choose to join a fraternity or sorority, or even a Black fraternity or sorority.

I would speak on all Greek-lettered organizations in this post, however, I choose not to because Black Greek-Lettered organizations carry their letters in a totally different way than any other sorority or fraternity out there……Plus I’m an AKA so I think Black orgs, and most importantly my org, are the BEST!

So whether you’re a high-school student wondering what Greek life is, or a college student considering joining an org, or even someone who is just a happy and curious GDI (God Damn Individual), I’m going to tell you exactly 9 Reasons to Join a Black Greek-Lettered Organization. 

Divine 9 Stand Up!!!!

1. Networking


After joining any Greek-lettered organization, but in this case D9 of course, you’re introduced to a circle of individuals who are mostly aimed, in various ways, at becoming true success stories. No matter if you’re in the same organization or not, we all want big things for ourselves, and 100% support the movements of progress among our peers. You always have someone to turn to, no matter the time or day, which encourages you more to strive for the best at all times and continue to network and meet people within the Greek community who can possibly help lead you to your next opportunity. 

2. Long-Lasting Relationships


Unlike other Greek-lettered organizations who just participate within their org during college, Black Greek-lettered organizations continue or sisterhood/brotherhood and service until we die. We represent our organization no matter how old we get and continue to serve the community, and each other, in any way that we can. Your sorors, and frat brothers, are with you for life, and you will ALWAYS have people around you who truly love and care about you, and only want the best for you. Not everyone can say that they have people like that in large numbers, in their life.

3. Helps you Grow and Mature


Life is all about growing and maturing into a better person than you were yesterday. It’s harder for some than it is for others, and we all move at our own pace during our journey of finding who we are. However, when being a part of a Greek-lettered organization, D9 especially, you’re surrounded by a community that works towards progression at all times. Even if you just want to be an average joe, you’ll look through your timeline and see many of your Greek peers doing big things, or members of your organization doing service for the community in a way that makes you feel like you should be involved in a productive activity. You’re constantly urged to be better, do better, and act now, instead of sitting around. Many people don’t have that, which is why The Bad Girls Club is in its 11th season!

4. Amazing Social Life/Hard to Stay Single


Like mentioned before, Black Greeks keep our movements going even after college, including the wild parties, step and stroll shows, picnics, BBQs, mixers, and of course community service :) . So with all this activity that is going on in this part of your life, how could you ever be bored? There are always things to do, which help you meet people…….that you can possibly connect with. Being in a D9 org is NEVER boring, no matter how old you are. When we run into an older soror, or frat, we show them so much love. It’s an AMAZING lifestyle of good times topped with more good times. The memories will only continue to grow as your years as a Black Greek do.

5. Makes you Face Challenges Head-On


Depending on how you become a member of a Black org, when choosing to work hard for your letters, male or female you become equipped with the mindset of a warrior. You are fearless when it comes to risk-taking, working hard for what you want, and fighting insecurities and weaknesses. This will prepare you more for real life challenges once graduating college and entering the real world of hard work, paying bills, challenges, and still trying to live a happy life. If you work hard for your letters, then you will always know that no matter what comes your way to try to steer you off your path to happiness and success, you are the Master of your fate and the Captain of your soul. You are invincible. 

6. Best Parties EVER


Enough said! Tell me someone you know who is in D9, and actually goes out to all the poppin parties, and says that they’re lame???……..Don’t worry I’ll wait! Boring parties are non-existent in D9. We turn up! All the time. By ourself. Don’t need nobody else. It can just be all D9, or mixed parties with GDIs, EVERYONE will have a good time, unless you’re one of those who don’t know how to have a good time. Who wants to party with those type of people anyway?!

7. Giving Back


You don’t have to be in a Greek-lettered organization to give back. Many people provide service to the community on their own everyday. However, in Black Greek life, it’s pretty much mandatory that you provide service to the community. It’s kind of weird, but in D9, you can be looked down upon for choosing to only enjoy the social aspect of Greek life, and refuse to partake in any form of productive service to the community. That is what we call a “t-shirt wearer”, or what society would call “selfish”. It’s selfish to join an organization that was built on servicing the community, only to use them for servicing your own personal vices. We hold each other to a better standard than that, so giving back to the community becomes a part of your life, and we all know that community service is what makes the world a better place.

8. You Become an Example for Many Others


There are a lot of people within the Divine 9 community, however, there are even more that are not. Most people look at us and wonder “What it is about them that makes them so proud to represent their org throughout their entire life?“. People wonder why many of us are so successful. Undergraduates in college look at the students in the crossing jackets and wonder why they’re so happy, why do they all hang out with each other, why do they throw fun and informative programs on campus? Why this, and why that constantly are thrown our way, which is why we become examples of what being a Black Greek is, and what our organizations are about. We are a direct representation of Black Greek life, and our organizations, and it reminds us to represent ourselves truthfully and productively so that we don’t shame all that we are a face for.

9. We’re Honestly the Only Greek-Lettered Organizations that Matter

Black Greek  Divine 9 Celebration

Yes I know I’m being extremely biased, however, there so much to support this biased opinion. Like I mentioned before, our Greek life is lifelong, not just during the 4 years we’re in college. The fact that our Black organizations were founded during times of deep oppression and racism against Blacks, and are still around today, make our history that much richer. And we all know the masses of prominent figures and celebrities that come from Divine 9 organizations that further prove why you should get down with a Divine 9 organization. We are a good time for anyone who is blessed to be around us.

I’m an AKA, a part of the Divine 9, and proud! If this post sparked an interest in you, I encourage 100% to research each organization further and pursue your interest further.

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