10 Cool Features in iPhone ios7


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Apple’s new iOS 7 is either the company’s most beautiful operating system yet  or a hideous abomination (your choice!). Either way, there’s a lot more to iOS 7  than just a handful of new icons – there are a lot of powerful new features under the hood. Upgrade  your phone to the newest version of iOS if you haven’t already, and  then check out ten of my favorites.

1. Design-Conscious Backgrounds

Are you among the many who don’t like the aesthetic look of iOS 7? Part of  the problem may be that you’re using a photo as your wallpaper – the real world  seems to clash with the operating system.

If you want to give your background more of a Jony Ive feel, open the Settings app, then tap  Wallpapers & Brightness. Give one of the minimalist, solid color gradient  backgrounds a try – they look great on the new  iPhone 5C. Or maybe try one of the funky kaleidoscopic new iPad backgrounds,  if your retinas can handle that much color.


2. Correct Siri’s Pronounciation

Apple digital assistant Siri is  great at a lot of things – she can tell you the score of the big game, offer  movie times at your local theater and even make reservations at restaurants for  you through OpenTable.  One thing she’s terrible at, though, is pronouncing long names.

At least now there’s a way to correct her pronunciation. The next time Siri  garbles a name, tell her “that’s not how you pronounce that.” You’ll be given  alternative pronunciations to choose from, and Siri will remember your pick.

Want to give Siri’s pronounciation an International flair? Open the Settings  app, then tap Generals. Tap Siri and you’ll be given a number of new options for  your digital assistant. You can choose a language and accent (English is  available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia flavors) and  even give Siri a sex change if you’d like.

3. Built-in Level

Is that picture on the wall really level? Now there’s an easy way to check –  iOS 7 has a built-in bubble level function. To activate it, just open your  phone’s Compass app, then swipe to the right.


4. Flashlight

There’s no need to fumble around in the dark anymore now that iOS 7 has a  built-in flashlight. To access it, simply swipe up from any screen (even the  lock screen!) to bring up the handy new Control Center. Touch the little  flashlight icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to turn on your  phone’s light. Tap it again to turn it off.

The Control Center is also where you can instantly access your calculator,  timer and camera. You’ll also find one-touch controls for Bluetooth, WiFi and  more. Shutting these off when not in use is asimple  way to extend your battery life.

5. Automatic App Updates

One of the nicest new features of iOS 7 is automatic app updates – you no  longer need to approve each update manually. But to take advantage of the new  feature, you’ll need to activate it. Open the Settings app, then scroll down and  tap iTunes & App Store. At the bottom of this new menu, you’ll find toggles  to enable automatic downloads of music, apps, and updates. Be sure to pay  attention to the Use Cellular Data toggle on the same page – make  sure that’s turned off to keep data overage charges at bay.

6. Swipe Down Search

Trying to find something on your phone? The contact info for your son’s  coach, or maybe an app you just can’t seem to locate? No worries – just swipe  your finger down from the middle of any home screen to bring up Spotlight  Search. It’s the quickest way to find just about anything that’s hiding on your  phone.


7. New Privacy Settings

It wouldn’t be a new operating system if Apple didn’t play a shell game with  the location of your phone’s privacy features. Even if you’ve reviewed your  phone’s privacy settings in the past, you’ll definitely want to review these  toggles – they’re all set to ‘on’ in iOS 7 by default.

Open the Settings app, then tap Privacy. Tap Location Services. Scroll to the  bottom of the page and tap System Services. Toggle Location-Based iAds to off  (and Diagnostics & Usage, if you’d like), then tap Frequent Locations. If  you don’t want your phone keeping constant track of where you’ve been and when,  you’ll want to toggle Frequent Locations to off. You can also tap Clear History  to command your phone to forget all the places it’s been.

8. iTunes Radio

You’ve no doubt heard a little bit about iTunes  Radio, Apple’s answer to Internet radio station Pandora. The ad-supported  service offers over 250 DJ-curated stations and, of course, functionality that  makes it easy to buy whatever song happens to be currently playing. For some  reason, Apple chose to bury its iRadio feature. You’ll find it hiding in the  Music app. It’s free – give it a try!

9. Block Unwanted Numbers

Do you get a phone call from the same telemarketer over and over? Is an old  flame sending you unwanted text messages? No longer – iOS 7 finally gives us the  ability to block calls and texts ourselves directly from your phone. To stop  getting calls from an unwanted number, visit your Recent call list and tap the i  symbol next to the offender. Scroll to the bottom of the Info menu and tap Block  this Caller.

Getting texts instead? Open up the text message and hit Contact in the top  right of your screen, as if you were about to add the number to your address  book. Tap the i icon that appears. Scroll to the bottom of the menu to find the  Block this Caller option.


10. Go In-Depth with the Weather

Apple’s updated Weather app isn’t just a design update – there’s new  functionality built in as well. Swipe left on the hourly forecast in the app and  you’ll be able to see as far out as the next 12 hours.

Unsure whether to bring an umbrella? Just tap the numerical readout of the  temperature and you’ll be able to see more detailed meteorological information,  including humidity and wind chill. And yes, it’ll even tell you the day’s chance  of rain.

More Is Waiting to Be Discovered

Of course, these ten items are just the tip of the iceberg – there are all  sorts of fun, unannounced tips and tricks waiting to be found. Have you found  any of your own? Sound off in the comments below, and let everyone know your  favorite iOS 7 feature!

Source: TechLicious