MaseTV Founder/CEO @JeroslynDiva Joins @DaRuddestJones As Co-Host On @RudeOnTheRadio


Rude On The Radio kicks off 1.7.17!!!

 MaseTV Founder/CEO JeroslynDiva is proud to announce her return to radio in 2017 as she co-hosts @RudeOnTheRadio with Da Ruddest Jones!!!

Charlamagne wants some young women of color who are going to use social media as a platform. He wants the women to be “WOKE”. Well, someone needs to tell him that we are on our way!!!!

Aren’t you tired of people in the underground scene acquiring platforms and being a clone of everything that already exists? Don’t you want to see someone be different? Don’t you want to have random, open discussion about the randomness of everyday life while being sure to touch on social, political, economic and racial issues without being 65 years old and dry?Well, DaRuddest Jones became painfully tired of seeing the same thing on every platform with different faces attached. She also became tired of wanting to entertain convo about different political and societal issues and having no platform that looked like her to indulge in. Ms. Jones was yearning for change and decided to be the change she wanted to see in the underground world of NYC!

Ms. Jones decided to launch Rude On The Radio. An all female radio show on WVMR.
“I don’t know… I’m just a feisty girl from the hood that likes to speak about real life issues. I don’t give a damn about Love & Hip Hop or the latest braindead social media challenge. I want to talk about real s**t with people that look like me without having to pretend to be an ignorant a** Hotep! I want to be able to speak about politics in my language. I want to have unfiltered, conversation about Sandra Bland. I want to have fearless, discussion about what it will take to overthrow a system that is intended to eliminate people who look like me. I’m just so tired of having to discuss my real life issues with followers of CNN who believe that me having locs means that I smoke weed. I just needed a platform for other people like me who don’t want to feel they need to put on their “white voice” to be heard/ I want people to feel comfortable to speak and use whatever language they connect with. But I want to do that with a platform that also enforces intelligence, awareness, and respect. And with keeping those ideals in mind we will never allow the N-word to be used on our platform. We are way too good to pretend that something so ignorant can be included in something so genius.”

With this show Ms. Jones plans to create a melting pot of topics and interests. There will be an unfiltered discussion about current affairs in the voice of the millennials. She plans to set a stage that invites the all communities to speak and share their deepest and truest thoughts. Most platforms are catered to specific races but not this one. Ms. Jones plans to entertain all races. With this format, Ms. Jones believes that she can bridge a very wide societal gap and allow people to see realities that are different from their own. Though there will be very serious topics addressed Ms. Jones still plans to infuse humor and

Though there will be very serious topics addressed Ms. Jones still plans to infuse humor and entertainment with funny segments, interviews, events and so much more.

Joining Ms. Jones on-air are her three co-hosts who will swap it out every Saturday until they all meet together in studio the last Saturday of each month.

Find out how to be a guest on the show below!

Be A Sponsor

We at Rude On The Radio are looking for small business who are interested in being a part of our brand. Sponsorship pricing is currently $150 a month. With your sponsorship, your brand/business/product will be included in videos, social media posts of the hosts and during the 2-hour online radio show.The radio show will also be live-streamed every week so viewers will be able to see your brand/business/product throughout the show.

Be A Liquor Sponsor

If you sell a Liquor you would supply the hosts with 2 bottles to use throughout the show as a prop and to drink and the brand will be included in show promo for that week.

Ad Space / Promo

We at Rude On The Radio will be selling ad space. Pay to advertise within our 2-hour show.A Pre-Recorded 30 Second Commercial: $25The Hosts using or talking about your product/business/brand: $75

To be a guest DJ:$50